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In this review, we’ll take a closer look at FlirtyMature, a mature dating site that claims to help older singles form personal relationships online. Although this service doesn’t have an app, it does offer a comprehensive browser-based experience for older singles looking for love.

FlirtyMature Overview

Unlike the other cougar dating sites, FlirtyMature is designed with elderly singles in mind. With over 300,000 active weekly logins, you won’t have any trouble finding someone to form a personal connection with. It’s certainly possible to find a partner on this site, but you should review membership options to save yourself some money.


Although not groundbreaking, FlirtyMature has a fair offering of services to suit the dating needs of older clientele. The site itself is very easy to use, eliminating the risk of a complicated learning curve.

Simple & Easy Registration

Over 300,000 logins every week

Five Free Messages per Day

Most members are from the US, Australia, and other English-speaking countries


Although it’s a fairly good site overall, FlirtyMature does have a few places where it could improve. Fortunately, these limitations don’t affect the overall experience much as they are far and few!

Potential for fake accounts

Small LGBT community

No app available

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Sign-up Process

Since older people may not be the best when it comes to browsing websites, the basic design of FlirtyMature is actually a benefit worth mentioning in this review! This simple but effective design starts on the home page, which is where you sign up. There are five fields in total to complete: who you’re looking for (man looking for woman, woman looking for man, a man looking for man, and woman looking for a woman), age, email, password, and location. The location is preselected based off of your IP address, but if it’s not correct, you can simply click to change it.

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Members and Profiles

Since FlirtyMature has “mature” in the name, it should come as no surprise that the majority of users on this website are older. Although it is possible to find profile ages as low as 18 on this website, the majority of members are 44 or older. Fortunately, the age bar wasn’t high enough for us to stand out much on the website when making this review, but the age of fellow members is definitely something you should keep in mind.

Next, let’s talk about profiles! Unfortunately, there are some fake accounts on this website, but you won’t need an app to tell if they’re fake or not—they stand out like a sore thumb, so you shouldn’t have an issue telling if a user is real or not.


As previously mentioned in this review, FlirtyMature does have a few fake profiles, but they’re not running rampant like other sites. The site itself doesn’t have a lot of safety precautions in place, but on the plus side, it does at least require users to verify their email.

One area where FlirtyMature does shine is customer service. There are site moderators online at all times, providing 24/7 support. If you can’t reach the staff through the website, they also have an email you can use to reach them.

FlirtyMature Reviews

We knew our thoughts on FlirtyMature, so we reached out to a couple of current users to get their opinions on the site.

  • Carl Wade - “After my wife died, I was alone for a very long time. I longed to meet another woman that I could form a personal connection with, but I didn’t think it would ever happen. Thankfully, FlirtyMature proved me wrong!”
  • Sheila Wu - “After I initially signed up for FlirtyMature, I read a review that made me think twice about using the service. Still, I had already signed up, so I figured I’d give it a try. No complaints yet!”
  • Kent Gilmore - “If you’re in the 60+ age range like me, you probably know how hard dating can be these days. I always made fun of my grandchildren for dating online, but I have to say, I’m surprised. It actually IS a great way to meet women!”

Costs and Prices

Like most dating sites, FlirtyMature has a variety of plans available. In our review we used the single week plan, but this is only a trial offer! To get the most out of FlirtyMature we recommend the 3-month plan to get the lowest cost per month on your membership.

One Week
One Month
Three Months

Free Features

No FlirtyMature review would be complete without going over the free options and features available on the site. Are they enough to form a personal connection? Not really, but they’re a great starting point!

Account Creation

View other profiles

Ability to browse the “Like Gallery”

Paid Features

After testing for our FlirtyMature review, we’ve determined that the site is definitely one you’ll need a membership for. It’s worth it, though - the ability to message is a key part of forming online relationships!

Send unlimited messages to other members

Browse through user photo albums

Share videos and send pictures in the chat


How do you know if a profile is fake?

It’s generally easy to detect fake accounts on FlirtyMature. If they don’t provide any personal information and only have one photo, they’re probably not real.

Which photos are not allowed on the site?

FlirtyMature allows you to share pictures of yourself. However, these photos cannot be sexual in nature.

Does FlirtyMature track my exact location?

No, FlirtyMature doesn’t track your location (at least directly). Instead, it is based on your location off of your current IP address.

Experts Conclusion

FlirtyMature sets itself apart from the cougar dating sites on the market by providing seniors with an easy way to find a personal relationship online. We were disappointed that there wasn’t an app to review; that said, we don’t think the lack of an app is a big deal given the target demographic. Overall, the site works very well, and we think FlirtyMature is a good option for seniors interested in online dating.

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