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Grindr is arguably one of the most (if not the most) well-known modern gay dating apps. In this review, we'll be going over what makes the service so successful, from its free services to its massive LGBT user base that's spread around the globe.

Grindr Overview

To start off our Grindr review, let's just mention the user base, which currently exceeds 27 million members worldwide (and continues to grow every day!). Although the service can be accessed on the website, most people use it on their mobile devices. This large community consists mainly of gay, bi-sexual, and transexual men.


No accurate Grindr review would be complete without mentioning all the great points that make this app so successful! Here's our top three:

Free full functionality

A friendly and welcoming community

Over 3.3 million users online every day, ensuring you'll definitely have someone to chat with


Although there really aren't any gigantic downsides to this site, we still located a few for our review. Here they are:

Unlimited plans are quite costly

The special gay-themed keyboard is an additional download

"Discreet Icon" is a paid feature

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Sign Up Process

Anyone with a phone can instantly sign up for Grindr (without even going to the website itself!). Download Grindr from either the Google Play or Apple store, then sign up with your email or your Facebook account. Then you can upload a picture. This needs to pass approval, but it usually takes under 60 seconds to pass the review. After that, you can complete your profile. While most fields aren't mandatory, the platform gives you optional info you can fill in, such as your "Tribe" (which is how you describe yourself), position (your preferred sexual positioning), your sexual health status, and more!

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Members and Profiles - What Can You Expect?

As previously mentioned in this review, Grindr has over 27,000,000 users worldwide. People of all sexual orientations and identities use this app. The most active users on this site are aged 25-34 and trying to find casual dates or quick hookups. Some people are also in search of serious relationships, but this is less common.

All profiles are fairly basic and can contain only a single picture. Each profile is divided into five different sections: Info, Stats, Identity, Sexual Health, and Social Links. The ability to link social media accounts is extremely helpful, as it instantly verifies you as a real person.


Grindr has an interesting approach to personal safety, including a "Sexual Health" section in each profile. This unique (optional) section lets you disclose your current HIV status and when you were last tested.

It's fairly likely that you'll encounter fake accounts on here at some point. Fortunately, a quick review of their profile (usually) will reveal if an account is fake. One easy way to spot a fake account is by looking at their height, which will be listed as "under three feet." You can also tell whether they are scammers if you message them. The responses, being fully automated, will quickly fall out of context, revealing them as a bot. If they send you a link, do not click it. This tactic will often install a bug on your device, which could potentially steal valuable personal information.

Grindr Reviews

We were pretty impressed by Grindr's features, but we wanted some other opinions, so we went around and asked a few people who routinely use the app what they thought.

  • Tom Li - "Me and my boyfriend use Grindr all the time to find a third partner. The community is so open and accepting. I can't think of any other app that's so sexually liberating!"
  • Jason Petty - "You asked me for my honest review, so here it is… Grindr is awesome! There isn't another app that lets you connect with local gay men as easily or as quickly as Grindr!"
  • Eric Fisher - "'I'm still somewhat in the closet, so I try to keep my sexual escapades under wraps. I really like how Grindr has the Discreet app icon feature. You have to pay for it, but at least for me, 'it's worth the peace of mind"."

Costs and Prices

Grindr offers two types of plans: XTRA and UNLIMITED. You should review both options to see which one is best for you.

XTRA Plans

One Month
Three Months
One Year


One Month
Three Months
One Year

Free Features

As 'we've pointed out previously in this review, the service gives free users more than enough features to easily use the app:

Free Account


Group Chat

Select one ""tribe""

View other profiles

Paid Features

Grindr also has additional features available designed to enhance your experience on the service, such as:

No ads

Unlimited blocks

Unlimited Likes

Push notifications on your phone

Select up to three different ""tribes""


How to spot a fake account on Grindr?

For unknown reasons, fake Grindr accounts usually list their height as ""less than three feet"" in their personal profile information.

What 'can't I include in my Grindr photos?

Grindr photos 'aren't extremely limited, but there are a few things 'you're not allowed to include, such as nudity, weapons, drugs, photos of other people, and copyrighted images.

Does the Grindr app track my location?

Yes! Grindr uses your 'phone's GPS to accurately track and relay your location.

Experts Conclusion

Out of all the gay dating apps readily available today, Grindr is the clear champion! This application is truly a multi-purpose hub for all types of gay relationships. It works for anything from casual hookups to getting engaged. Everyone has the ability to message each other & share photos. We think 'it's great that this platform created a fully-functional gay dating app that can be used without a credit card. If 'you're in the LGBT community & looking to start dating, we highly recommend giving Grindr a try!

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