Flirt with a Girl Online

How to Flirt with a Girl Online? We Have the Ansver!

    Your online dating journey begins with online flirting! The first deciding factor in your pursuit is your bio from the platform you use to meet girls. What ignites the spark of desire, though, is the first interaction between the two of you, which comes in the form of text messages. At least at first, then later it might progress into audio messages, calls, and even a steamy exchange of photos. To help you find the perfect girl for you, we are going to provide you with best practices when it comes to online flirting, as well as the best dating sites.

  1. Focus on Unique Traits
  2. You should try to not turn the conversation too much around the subject of dating, and instead aim for a normal amicable talk. A good icebreaker is to choose one thing from her profile and make a light-hearted joke about it. This creates an impression of intimacy and comfort, and can showcase your personal charm. If the attempt fails, you should apologize sincerely, and show her that you care about other people’s emotions.

  3. Be Specific When Complimenting
  4. Don’t hesitate to show your admiration and even flatter your online crush. Go on and talk about something that she has on her online dating profile. Talk about her eyes, pets, outfits, tattoos -almost anything that shows her you’ve had a pit stop at her bio before initiating. If she knows someone admires the traits she’s trying to showcase, she will smile and feel good about herself, and thus you had opened a door, to friendship perhaps, but that’s the obvious first step.

  5. Avoid Boring Yes/No Questions
  6. Do not kill the conversation. Generic questions get unenthusiastic answers, and online flirting shouldn’t be bland. Try to keep the conversation exciting, reveal yourself slowly and try to learn more about her by asking specific questions related to interesting topics.

  7. Don’t Overdo Texting
  8. Texting for too long can brush away the interest in meeting the person, or moving on to calling or more intimate forms of interaction. Some online dating apps also provide Video Chat, so make use of technology to take your online date closer to reality sooner.

  9. Discuss Personality
  10. Talking about her physical features helps a lot, but nothing works like compliments about her personality. Repeating your compliment also strengthens the point and builds trust.

  11. Exchange Photos
  12. This is not about nudes. It’s about showing her what you and your life look like unfiltered. This makes her feel like she’s becoming a part of your life. A picture of your cat or your messy study room will work wonders.

  13. Make Use of Interesting Words and Phrases
  14. It is widely accepted that, for example, messages that use the word adorable get 64% more responses. Entertain her with the right words to make her feel special and engaged in the conversations, and more importantly, to make her feel wanted.

  15. Always Be Honest
  16. Don’t exaggerate or make up stories about adventures that never happened, or even worse, traumatic events in order to seek sympathy from her, and try to sneak into her heart. Be honest about your life and stay genuine to your beliefs, no matter what.

  17. State Your Intentions
  18. Don’t forget that you’re on a dating platform. Be bold and make your intentions clear as soon as you get interested in your new possible flame. Or, if you’d rather let her initiate just say so. It’s not always a good idea to look undecided, but giving her control might make everything better. It’s up to you to read the situation and choose the best approach. Being clear about your intentions is the first step towards getting what you really want.

  19. Best Online Dating Platforms
  20. There are many places on the Internet where you can find your best match. Many of them you probably know already, and for a good reason, everyone uses them. Here are our top picks for singles who want to get out there on the dating scene: Cupid, OneNightFriend, Flirt, and Tinder. These are the most commonly used all over the world and are the most likely to bring you success.

    Good luck in finding the perfect match and make sure to check our website for more content like this!

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