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Accessible via desktop or mobile browser (but not an app), OneNightFriend is a simple hookup site that claims to make it simple to get laid. Is this true, or are they just tooting their own horn? In this review, we’ll take a look at their user base, features, and failures to see just how effective this hookup site really is.

OneNightFriend Overview

Designed for everything but personal relationships, OneNightFriend is a hookup service you can access from a browser on your PC or a phone. There are some rumours that an app is in development, so we can hope using this platform on mobile will be even more convenient in the future. Nearly 20,000 people frequent OneNightFriend every day, spread across all different age ranges (which surprised us during this review).


Here are some positive things you’ll enjoy on OneNightFriend.

The majority of users are young (between 25 to 34)

Registering is a pain-free process

Photos and videos can be sent via messaging


Here are a few things we didn’t like.

Membership is required to use messaging

You might see fake accounts while using OneNightFriend

There isn’t a dedicated app

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Sign-up Process

To start off this review, we’ll first explain how to join OneNightFriend. The registration is fairly straightforward and starts on the main page. As you load the page, you’ll see the “JOIN NOW” form on the right-hand side of your screen. You’ll need to provide your sex, how old you are, your email address, where you’re located, and pick a password. After this, you need to verify your email, which simply involves opening a link in your email inbox. Once these steps are completed, you’re free to add information and photos to your OneNightFriend profile!

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Members and Profiles

While we were doing this review, we were impressed just how many people actually use OneNightFriend. Although the majority of members are fairly young (25-34), people of all ages are active in the service. One thing to keep in mind: this isn’t a dating site; it’s a hookup service. This means you’re unlikely to run into anyone looking for something serious, so if that’s what you want, you should look elsewhere. The people using this site just want to hookup for a night and leave it at that.

The profile quality on OneNightFriend varies. The actual profiles themselves offer loads of forms for users to complete, but since they’re optional, many users don’t bother to fill them out. You can request a user complete their profile, but there isn’t a guarantee that they will do so. This makes learning more about a person someone complicated. On the plus side, details aren’t extremely important when it comes to hookups.


As is common with many hookup websites, web safety doesn’t seem to be a priority for OneNightFriend. Fortunately, the fake profiles don’t seem to be extremely prominent (most likely due to the required email verification), but you may find it hard to get ahold of the site staff without sending them an email. Thankfully, you can easily block a user if they start to harass you, although in the time it took to make this review, we never encountered any rude or mean singles on the website.

Although the staff seems to mainly take a hands-off approach, they do give you a powerful tool to help keep you safe on their site: Safe Mode. This feature enables you to limit who can message you. You can limit messages to verified users only, non-suspicious members only, or simply allow anyone and everyone to shoot you a message.

OneNightFriend Reviews

After testing OneNightFriend for ourselves, we asked around to get some second opinions on the site. Here’s what we heard.

  • Jack Kingston - “OneNightFriend is a gamechanger. I used to try to pick up girls at the bars—what a waste of time! With this site, I can just log on, message a girl, and know I’m going to hookup that night!”
  • Shana Jefferson - “When I feel like meeting a man for a night, I log on to this site. I love how there are no commitments - we just meet up, hook up, and go our separate ways. Half the time, I don’t even catch their name!”
  • Derek Poulton - “Tinder as an app is OK, but half the girls on there actually want relationships. I’m not interested in that, so I stick to this site instead. No complications!”

Costs and Prices

Many sites we review offer trials, but unfortunately, this platform isn’t one of them. If you want to make the most of your membership (AKA lowest monthly cost), you’ll need to get an extended membership at Onenightfriend.

Total Price
One Month
Three Months
Half a Year

Free Features

OneNightFriend has a couple of free features we covered in our review. Sadly, the ability to send a message is not one of them.

Creating an account

Basic search abilities

Adding pictures and videos to your profile

Paid Features

After completing our review of OneNightFriend, we determined that the paid features were definitely worth the money for the improved experience they offer.

Advanced searching using filters

The ability to message other users

Access to complete member profiles


How can I identify a fake profile?

Although there isn’t a sure-fire way to prove if someone is fake, there are some hints. If they only send you generic messages and haven’t completed their profile, then they are most likely a bot.

What types of photos can’t be posted to the website?

OneNightFriend allows you to post photos of yourself, but you’re forbidden from posting photos of other people, stand-alone objects, logos, or explicit content.

Does OneNightFriend track my location?

Not exactly. OneNightFriend calculates your location using your IP address, so it will show your location as wherever your IP address pulls up. But you can enter your zipcode manually and don’t give the site permission to track your location.

Experts Conclusion

We extensively tested all the site’s features during this review. It does very well compared to other naughty dating sites, although the lack of an app and useful free features work against it. The “message” feature is the bread and butter of OneNightFriend, and you’ll need to subscribe in order to use it. Membership prices start fairly high but quickly become more affordable as you look into extended options. If you’re looking for hookups rather than relationships, OneNightFriend is a good option.

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