How Do Introverts Flirt

So How Do Introverts Flirt? Le t's Find it Out

With the emergence of the world's best dating sites for introverts and extroverts alike, previously "shyer" singles now can chat, flirt and mingle with their ideal partners without stepping outside of their comfort zone or even leaving their house.

Previously, introverts could only ever meet new people out in the city, with face-to-face dating opportunities that don't suit them and the anxiety felt inside. Instead, people now have the chance to introduce themselves to new people from the comfort of their own homes, without feeling awkward and yielding great results all around.

Introvert - "A shy individual, typically refraining from reaching out to others. Reticent and reserved."

Main Introvert Flirting Styles

  • Sincere
  • Introverts are best suited to flirting sincerely when meeting new partners. Without a doubt, this method yields the best results for singles not used to going out of their comfort zone while allowing introverts to stay where they are comfortable.

    Sincere flirting involves chatting about relevant and meaningful areas of conversation. A great example would be chatting about current world events. By keeping the conversation focused on real events with actual relevance, introverts always have meaningful topics of conversation and can keep the conversation alive, leading to better dating outcomes for them.

    Introverts tend to be very private individuals, not only when dating but in all aspects of their daily lives. Therefore, situations where they're conversing about events away from their personal lives are always welcomed. After all, they hate to overindulge, revealing personal information.

  • Friendly
  • Introverts have long since found dating success with something we call "friendly flirting." Friendly flirting involves being present at the moment, lending an ear to someone else before responding to the conversation of choice by someone new. Instead of having all the focus placed on them, introverts tend to "friendly flirt" to allow the other person to enjoy the spotlight, carefully responding as and when needed to stimulate the conversation.

    Whilst listening and replying to interesting areas for the other person, introverts don't need to leave their comfort zone and can ensure people are always wanting to come back and chat again, thus increasing the chances of hitting things off.

    While there are no dating sites for introverts that have been specifically created, introverted singles have long since found success by adopting the above flirting styles mentioned here. Whilst those may not be 100% suited to you, feel free to adapt our methods and implement them into your own dating life. Remember, everyone is different!

Other Flirting Styles for Introverts

  • Traditiona
  • Traditional flirting is done by men taking the lead, expressing their desires whilst women are more reserved. This suits female introverts to a tee but will be an issue for men. Examples of traditional flirting for introverted men are:

    • Taking too long to make the first move;
    • Reluctant to entertain "deep" conversations.
  • Polit
  • Polite flirts are inclined to put their partners first, responding to the conversation based on their partner's interests and likes rather than their own. They show interest in everything about their newfound partner to seem more compatible, regardless of whether they actually have an interest in that area.

    Disregarding the flirting styles for introverts, we understand that not everyone is ready to adopt new methods of picking up partners. Introverts characteristically are reserved and reluctant to change their ways, but that's ok!

    If you feel more comfortable sticking to the ways you've been using, that's great! We aim to provide a meaningful method for everyone struggling to enjoy successful dating with the ways to change their approach should they need to. To be honest, chances are, if you're here, things haven't been going as well as you'd hope.

    More dating success for introverts can be found on online dating sites. The changes in times and the ways singles meet have led to much more dating connections being discovered.

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